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Premises liability refers to the laws that hold property owners responsible for keeping their properties safe for those who enter their property. Under premises liability laws in Virginia, property owners have a duty to keep their properties safe by warning of dangerous conditions that might cause someone to slip, trip or fall and suffer injury. Premises liability cases are not limited to a property owner's duty to warn of hazardous or dangerous conditions. For example, a premises liability claim can be brought in Virginia if property owners fail to provide adequate security and that failure leads to bodily harm.

Premises liability injuries can occur as a result of many different things such as torn carpets, slippery floors, icy parking lots or uneven floors. They can occur in many different settings such as hospitals, workplaces, retail stores, shopping malls or parking garages. Regardless of the location, if you have been injured as a result of a property owner's failure to meet their legal duty under Virginia premises liability law, we can help.

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