Everyone was absolutely amazing to work with and so helpful with any questions or concerns I may have had during my case. I would truly recommend them to everyone no matter where you may be located, this is the team you want to fight for you and the things you deserve in personal injury cases. I absolutely loved working with each member of this awesome team.
Ashley, Virginia Beach
"I enjoyed working with The Jeff Brooke Team on my personal injury case. He kept me informed and really fought for me in the negotiation part of the settlement. I would recommend Jeff as a personal injury attorney to anyone."
V. Velasquez, Virginia Beach
"We want to thank you and your team for providing us with the highest level of professional legal counsel available. The advice and representation we received throughout the very long and difficult process was everything we had hoped for. Both of us will never forget what you and your staff did for us throughout the past five years. None of this would have been possible without your expertise and experience. It has been an honor and pleasure knowing and working with you. You and your team are truly the best professionals we have ever known."
D & C Hodges, Virginia Beach
"I was accused of a crime I did not commit. After the charges were dropped, I contacted Jeff Brooke. Jeff and his team were extremely helpful in pursuing a case against the individual who falsely accused me, which resulted in a very favorable settlement. During the course of the case, Jeff, Michaux and Corie were very responsive to my questions, and kept me apprised of the status of my case. Having been through such a stressful time, it was a relief to be able to rely on the professionalism and integrity of Jeff Brooke."
Name withheld due to Confidentiality Agreement, Virginia Beach
"I am very happy and thankful for the services of Jeffrey Brooke. He and his crew helped me obtain a fair and timely settlement of my injury claim related to an auto accident in 2013. He acted thoughtfully and carefully to protect me and for my maximum benefit."
J. Neal, Virginia Beach
"I could never have foreseen when my crash occurred, leaving me with a traumatic brain injury, that it wasn't just my van that would be destroyed in that split second moment, but my life as I knew it also crashed and had come tumbling down, too. However, Jeff Brooke and his team were prepared for everything that I wasn't, and from the first moment Jeff met with my family and me, he encouraged us to understand our job was to concentrate on my recovery while he took care of everything else. Jeff handed me the first block of putting my life back together, because I knew I could trust him. He truly meant what he said and took his position as my attorney to the extreme- meaning he protected myself and my family from anything that would cause us undue stress and compromise my healing and recovery during the litigation process as best he could. Jeff and his team were our safety blanket during a time of such uncertainty and devastation. Jeff didn't just go above and beyond, he shielded me and my family, and comforted us while bringing our case/ settlement to close as soon as possible. Jeff, especially, and his team were a true blessing that my family and I are so thankful for during such an unexpected horrific period in my life. We will forever be grateful to the Jeff Brooke team!"
Erin K., Virginia Beach
"I was really glad to be referred to The Jeff Brooke Team. I felt it was divine intervention. I am a very, very satisfied client."
Melvis C., Virginia Beach
Even though I did not have a huge case, I wanted to win. Jeff fought for me and got me a nice settlement. I was glad when we didn't even have to go to court.
Tierra R., Chesapeake, VA
When I needed a personal injury attorney I turned to Jeff Brooke. I would recommend anyone who needs to be represented well to hire Mr. Brooke. Jeff's professional and personal demeanor was top notch. The skills and personal touches provided by both Jeff and his team were exceptional. Jeff is very warm, puts you at ease and gets the best results for his clients.
P. Smith, Virginia Beach
"Jeff and his team were very responsive."

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