“I could never have foreseen when my crash occurred, leaving me with a traumatic brain injury, that it wasn’t just my van that would be destroyed in that split second moment, but my life as I knew it also crashed and had come tumbling down, too. However, Jeff Brooke and his team were prepared for everything that I wasn’t, and from the first moment Jeff met with my family and me, he encouraged us to understand our job was to concentrate on my recovery while he took care of everything else. Jeff handed me the first block of putting my life back together, because I knew I could trust him. He truly meant what he said and took his position as my attorney to the extreme- meaning he protected myself and my family from anything that would cause us undue stress and compromise my healing and recovery during the litigation process as best he could. Jeff and his team were our safety blanket during a time of such uncertainty and devastation. Jeff didn’t just go above and beyond, he shielded me and my family, and comforted us while bringing our case/ settlement to close as soon as possible. Jeff, especially, and his team were a true blessing that my family and I are so thankful for during such an unexpected horrific period in my life. We will forever be grateful to the Jeff Brooke team!”

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