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The Jeff Brooke Team is a personal injury law firm dedicated to helping those who have been physically or psychologically injured in an accident due to the negligence of others. We understand that you and your family may be going through what is possibly the most difficult time in your lives and our experienced Virginia Beach personal injury attorney is here to help.



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At our law firm, you will experience the highest level of personal service from the time you walk through the door, through the final resolution of your case, and beyond. Our personal injury team will take the time to thoroughly investigate your case & injury, and will also take the time to get to know you and what is important to you before we proceed with your case.


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The Jeff Brooke Team has experience handling many different types of personal injury matters, including, but not limited to, those listed below. If your case does not fit into the categories below, please contact us to see how we can help.


What People Say

  • We want to thank you and your team for providing us with the highest level of professional legal counsel available. The advice and representation we received throughout the very long and difficult process was everything we had hoped for. Both of us will never forget what you and your staff did for us throughout the past five years.None of this would have been possible without your expertise and experience. It has been an honor and pleasure knowing and working with you. You and your team are truly the best professionals we have ever known.

    D & C Hodges, Virginia Beach
  • I enjoyed working with The Jeff Brooke Team on my personal injury case. He kept me informed and really fought for me in the negotiation part of the settlement. I would recommend Jeff as a personal injury attorney to anyone.

    V. Velasquez, Virginia Beach
  • Everyone was absolutely amazing to work with and so helpful with any questions or concerns I may have had during my case. I would truly recommend them to everyone no matter where you may be located, this is the team you want to fight for you and the things you deserve in personal injury cases.

    Ashley, Virginia Beach
  • I was accused of a crime I did not commit. After the charges were dropped, I contacted Jeff Brooke. Jeff and his team were extremely helpful in pursuing a case against the individual who falsely accused me, which resulted in a very favorable settlement. During the course of the case, Jeff, Michaux and Corie were very responsive to my questions, and kept me apprised of the status of my case. Having been through such a stressful time, it was a relief to be able to rely on the professionalism and integrity of Jeff Brooke.

    Name withheld due to Confidentiality Agreement, Virginia Beach
  • I am very happy and thankful for the services of Jeffrey Brooke. He and his crew helped me obtain a fair and timely settlement of my injury claim related to an auto accident in 2013. He acted thoughtfully and carefully to protect me and for my maximum benefit.

    J. Neal, Virginia Beach
  • I could never have foreseen when my crash occurred, leaving me with a traumatic brain injury, that it wasn't just my van that would be destroyed in that split second moment, but my life as I knew it also crashed and had come tumbling down, too. However, Jeff Brooke and his team were prepared for everything that I wasn't, and from the first moment Jeff met with my family and me, he encouraged us to understand our job was to concentrate on my recovery while he took care of everything else. Jeff handed me the first block of putting my life back together, because I knew I could trust him.

    Erin K., Virginia Beach
  • I was really glad to be referred to The Jeff Brooke Team. I felt it was divine intervention. I am a very, very satisfied client.

    Melvis C., Virginia Beach
  • Even though I did not have a huge case, I wanted to win. Jeff fought for me and got me a nice settlement. I was glad when we didn't even have to go to court.

    Tierra R., Chesapeake, VA
  • When I needed a personal injury attorney I turned to Jeff Brooke. I would recommend anyone who needs to be represented well to hire Mr. Brooke. Jeff's professional and personal demeanor was top notch. The skills and personal touches provided by both Jeff and his team were exceptional. Jeff is very warm, puts you at ease and gets the best results for his clients.

    P. Smith, Virginia Beach


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What you need to know
about car accidents

How Do I Know if I Even Need a Lawyer?

Most legal cases these days seem to arise from automobile accidents. Yet victims of auto accidents quickly find that if the accident is clear cut, the insurance companies will take care of the damage. This may seem odd coming from an accident attorney, but frequently matters work themselves out, and no attorney is needed to arrange for repairs, rental cars, etc. In other accident cases insurance companies will voluntary arrange for payment of medical bills, lost wages, and even for pain and suffering. If all of these benefits can be obtained without an attorney, why would anyone ever hire one? Consider the following:

If you have an injury case how will you know what it is worth? Unlike property damage cases, there is no readily available source to figure out what an injury case is worth. Even if the insurance company voluntarily agrees to pay compensation how much should you ask for: How much should you accept? How can you be completely sure that you are receiving a reasonable settlement? The final evaluation of personal injury cases has a great deal to do with the manner in which the evidence is presented (and the permissible court venue (e.g. cases in Norfolk, VA may be worth an amount which is entirely different than Virginia Beach, VA). Only an experienced attorney will be able to objectively evaluate the case.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Believe it or not, advertising is a good place to start. Unless you already know the name of a personal injury attorney, you will probably choose your attorney based upon name recognition and reputation alone. Advertising, or more particularly, public relations, is a good place to start. Television advertising is the most visible but not necessarily the best way to find a lawyer. Unfortunately, we find that sometimes the firms which spend the most on television advertising may be making up for deficits in other areas. In any event, once you have the names, you will probably want to go to the internet for more research. A personal injury victim can find out a tremendous amount of information about the lawyer and law firm from internet websites, and now websites (like offer live interaction. Once you have narrowed your search on the internet, you may want to find the answers to the following questions:

Does the law firm have the experience, personnel and resources to handle my case properly?
A personal injury victim is entitled to personal attention and the prompt efficient handling of his or her case. If the firm is a “mill,” you will almost certainly not receive this level of service. Also, if the case is headed for court, the law firm will need to have significant resources to take the case all the way through trial and perhaps on appeal. Aggressive litigation requires legal research, the ability to handle voluminous documents, technology skills and deep pockets to advance the costs for experts and consultants.

Does the law firm aggressively try cases or merely settle high volumes of smaller cases?
The answer to this question may not be readily apparent from the Internet but you can get a sense of the firm’s trial experience from “outcomes”, which firms typically list. Often, firms that take high volumes of small cases are simply unable to get the best possible outcome. They settle to save time. Ask the potential lawyer what his approach is to the handling of small, medium and large cases.

Can the firm answer your questions about important miscellaneous matters?
Is the firm conveniently located? Will they meet with you at your convenience? What types of fees and costs will be charged? Does the firm practice in all local circuit and federal courts? (A hallmark of good firms is the ability to practice in federal court where the procedures are more complex and the rules less forgiving).

Once a personal injury victim gets the answers to these questions, he should consider setting up an appointment. Perhaps most important, the potential client should get to know the lawyer (not necessarily the paralegal or investigator, but the lawyer who will ultimately be responsible for the case). If the personal injury lawyer seems attentive and ready to take the case on and otherwise gives you a good feeling, you have probably reached the end of your search. If not, don’t be shy about asking for time to think about your retention decision. If something is telling you that there is something wrong, you should consider listening to that little voice.

Ultimately, the attorney-client relationship should turn into a bond. If a case is hotly contested, the lawyer and client are essentially going to war together and both parties need to feel that the other “has their back.” When the relationship works out, it is a beautiful thing. With attention to the guidelines above and a little bit of digging, you can find the right Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer for your case. Feel free to contact us if you think we may be right for you.

So How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

It may not be the first or even the second question on your mind, but inevitably all of our clients want to know: How much is my personal injury case worth? Not only is that a reasonable question, it is the most important question.

We don’t hide from answering questions like this, but we always ask our clients to step back and look at the big picture first. Before we can answer an important question like that, we need to consider whether the client has recovered sufficiently from her injuries to even make an assessment. Personal injury cases are almost always settled on a lump sum basis, and the injury victim is always asked to sign a release of all liability. If you settle for too little, too soon or for too little, you may come to regret it.

But if the time is right, asking how much the case is worth is a valid and appropriate question. We use a formula which is deceptively simple: we go to the Virginia Model Jury Instructions and review each item for which compensation can be awarded. Then, we deduct a factor for the cost, delay, inconvenience and risk that the client will endure in bringing the matter to court. Simple, right?

Of course, it is not always so simple. While some of the items which are recoverable are straightforward (for example, past and future medical bills), certain other items are hard to calculate such as pain, suffering, disfigurement, etc. In the end, there is no substitute for an experienced trial attorney and his or her knowledge of local cases and local courts. In fact, there are a number of jury verdict services and attorney publications which advise us as to case outcomes. Some outcomes are positive, some are not. By weighing all of this data and considering what it will cost to bring the matter to court, we can come up with a reasonably accurate prediction in most cases.

So, what is your case worth? It can sometimes be difficult to tell. Patience and forthright reporting to professionals and a realistic expectation can help clarify matters and get the case resolved for its maximum realistic value.

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