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Workers Compensation

In Virginia the law works to protects injured workers. If you are hurt in a workplace accident, you may be entitled to wage-loss benefits and your employer may have to provide you with all necessary medical care at no expense to you.

However, employer’s and their insurance companies often work hard to deny benefits to workers. Even if your employer claims to not have insurance, or that you were at fault in the accident, we can help you obtain the benefits you deserve. If you have suffered an injury or been in an automobile accident while at work, or if you doctor has told you that your job has made you sick, call the Jeff Brooke Team and let us evaluate your case.

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    The Jeff Brooke Team has offices in Virginia Beach,Chesapeake and Portsmouth. Our firm is devoted to providing the highest level of personal service, and professional legal counsel to those who have been injured in an auto accident. We are dedicated to helping those who have suffered serious and catastrophic injuries as a result of someone else’s negligent, and careless actions. Speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer today.