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Preventing Car Accidents: Suggestions from a Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

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Insurance companies constantly emphasize safety to the insured for obvious reasons. The fewer accidents bad drivers cause, the less they have to pay out in damages for personal injury and property damage. Yet the accident rate continues to climb.

Maybe the driving advice is coming from the wrong source. Maybe it’s time drivers got a suggestion or two from a Virginia personal injury attorney.

Do personal injury attorneys really care about safety? After all, the more accidents there are, the more “business” there is for them. Sorry to disappoint, but that’s not how personal injury attorneys think (at least most of them). Don’t forget that attorneys are drivers too. We are out there on the streets with you, and so are our spouses and children. If there is an accident, we will do our jobs to collect compensation for the injury victims, but for most ethical attorneys, we wish that motor vehicle accidents could be prevented.

So what can be done? Perhaps drivers should take a bit of advice from us. After all, we get to see the gruesome aftermath of so many collisions. While every accident is different, they all seem to have one common component, inattention. While driving can be fun and exciting, often it is simply boring. And that is a good thing. “Exciting driving” usually means exceeding the speed limit and a “devil may care” attitude. In the law of negligence, proper attention to the road is called the duty to “look out.” It means not just adhering to the rules of the road. Drivers also have a duty to see what can reasonably be seen and to anticipate occurrences. While sudden emergencies (medical conditions, unexpected tire blow-outs, etc.) can perhaps be excused, drivers generally have a duty to anticipate what other drivers might do and to avoid accidents.

So think ahead and practice preventative driving. Slow down and “look out.” The life you save maybe your own. If you have unfortunately been the victim of a car accident, we are a personal injury law firm in Virginia Beach, and we invite you to contact us today to discuss your case.

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