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Brain Injury

What Types of Accidents Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries?

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Traumatic brain injuries, also referred to as TBI, are a leading cause of death and disability in the United States. The risk associated with TBI arises not only from the fact that any injury to the brain is serious, but also because even significant brain injuries often can go undetected. As a personal injury lawyer in Virginia Beach, Jeff Brooke knows how important it is to understand what kinds of accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries. Being alert to possible causes can help in early diagnosis and treatment, which can prevent the injury from becoming more severe and having long-term significant effects.


Brain Injuries in Slip and Fall Cases

More traumatic brain injuries result from a person falling than from any other cause. Slipping in a bathroom, falling down stairs, and even falling out of bed can cause a brain injury. Slip-and-fall accidents also often result in brain injuries.

slip-and-fall case is a type of personal injury case — sometimes also referred to as a premises liability case — involving an injury that occurs on someone else’s property. In some cases, the owner and/or manager of the property may be legally responsible for the victim’s injuries.

Slip-and-fall situations often involve broken bones and injuries to the victim’s back or neck. They also can involve brain injury. Sometimes the immediately obvious injuries, like fractures, will overshadow the possibility of traumatic brain injury. That is complicated by the fact that symptoms of brain injuries sometimes do not appear right after an injury and can be delayed by days, weeks, or even longer.

If you experience a slip and fall — or a fall of any kind — it is critical to be alert to the possibility of a brain injury. Having a thorough medical examination immediately after the accident is the best way to make sure all your injuries are diagnosed and treated.

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Car Accidents

Traffic accidents are another common source of brain injury. In a car crash, TBI can be caused by the impact or by a blow to the head received in the accident. It can also be caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration. Sometimes there are no outward signs of injury when a brain injury has occurred, which is one reason TBI is so dangerous.

Crashes involving motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians often involve brain injuries, simply because the victims are largely unprotected from the impact of a car or truck. As in slip-and-fall cases, outward physical injuries can sometimes obscure the fact that a brain injury has occurred.

Whenever you are in a crash involving a car, motorcycle, or bicycle — and any time you are injured as a pedestrian — be alert to the fact that you may have suffered a brain injury, even though you may be unaware of it. Even if you do not feel you have injuries severe enough to see a doctor, you should have a thorough medical evaluation immediately after any kind of traffic incident. The examination should include an assessment for potential injuries to the brain.

If you do suffer any kind of brain injury, it is critical to receive immediate attention and treatment. Undetected brain injuries can impair physical, cognitive, and emotional behavior and have severe long-term effects.

Who Is Most At Risk for Brain Injury?

In any situation involving a potential brain injury, some age groups are more vulnerable than others. They include young children less than four years old, young adults aged 15 to 24, and seniors aged 75 years and older.

If an accident occurs that involves potential brain damage, individuals in those age groups are especially at risk. Being attentive to that vulnerability will help ensure that brain injuries are detected and treated immediately following an accident.

Talk with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Virginia Beach

If you or a loved one suffered traumatic brain injuries in an accident, you know how significantly TBI can impact your life and your future. If your injury occurred in a slip and fall, motor vehicle accident, or another type of accident where someone else may have been at fault, you should talk with an attorney before you talk with the other person’s insurance company. Jeff Brooke, a personal injury lawyer in Virginia Beach, has substantial experience helping victims of traumatic brain injuries recover the damages they deserve. The Jeff Brooke team is here to assist you and your family too. Contact us by phone at (757) 552-6055 or by using our online contact form.

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